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The season started with a bang on May 16th with a 12 hour opener.  The fish are coming in fast and heavy.  Everyone wants the first fish and they were doing everything one could think of to get them.  A group of companies: 10th & M Seafoods and Suite 100 teamed up and hired a helicopter to pick-up at the boat, fly to Cordova, charter a plane and arrive in Anchorage by 1700 on the 16th.  They the delivered to Suite 100’s Restaurant by 1745 the same day to be filleted for dinner within the hour.  You can’t get any fresher unless you’re eating straight off the fishing pole.  Copper River Salmon is so important to the area, the local KTUU news channel reported on this journey.

The 2nd opening on May 20th was a 24 hours opener although normally it’s a 12 hour.  They only increase as the volume increases.  CFI Anchorage received most of the volume instead of CFI Seattle, as Alaska Airlines had limited flights direct from Cordova to Anchorage.  I was sent a picture showing Copper River King Salmon for sale in Texas at $69.99/lb., which is very expensive.

The 3rd and 4th openers were May 23rd and and May 27th, respectively, and both were open another 24 hours with lots of fish waiting to be caught. We at CFI are excited to see these numbers coming in big and strong for the season and we’re looking forward to moving these fish to fans around the world.

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