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Seafood – Fresh, Frozen & Live

Commodity Forwarders (CFI) is a crucial link in the aquaculture and seafood supply chain, allowing our customers to transport a wide range of species from various regions worldwide. Farmed salmon from Canada, Chile, and Europe (Faroe Islands, Norway, and Scotland), as well as farmed tilapia filets from the likes of Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, and Mexico, in addition to fin and shellfish from New Zealand, Pacific Northwest, Northeast and the South Pacific, CFI ensures efficient supply to all the major distribution centers. We start each year with the Alaskan cod season in January, which is then air-freighted from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. We have freight solutions from remote locations throughout the state of Alaska to the many destinations year-round. It’s wild-caught salmon season in the late spring, which continues through the summer. We have Hawaii covered with locations on many islands to handle all forms of wild and farmed finfish.

We take immense pride in being an industry leader in shipping live aquaculture brood stock (finfish, crustaceans such as lobsters, shrimp, and crab….) as well as animal eggs (fish eggs, poultry…). Dungeness crab movements from Pacific Northwest and Northern California take to the air October to March. Live Lobsters begin to ship from Eastern Canada, Maine to Florida for onforwarding throughout the USA and world. CFI and Kuehne + Nagel’s knowledge of international trade regulations, customs procedures, and cross-border logistics are intricate and require specialized expertise to navigate successfully.

CFI’s proficiency in handling these complexities contributes to seamless cross-border movements, enabling businesses to access foreign markets and expand their reach, all while keeping the products at peak freshness. Our relentless commitment to technological innovation is a core pillar of its success. Recognizing the importance of staying at the forefront of logistics technology, CFI consistently invests in cutting-edge solutions. These advancements translate into tangible benefits for their customers, including real-time tracking capabilities, enhanced shipment visibility, and efficient inventory management.

The fish and seafood industry are fast-paced, ever-changing industry. With different types of items like live seafood, fresh or frozen fish, and other seafood, it is critical to have a logistics partner who can deal with the complexities of seafood transportation. CFI and Kuehne + Nagel has a solution for every seafood situation.

CFI has made a significant investment in flake ice machines at many of our stations. We are breaking away from the traditional cubed ice which is harmful to fillets and whole fish alike.

Wild Alaskan Salmon season starts off with Copper River Sockeye and King Salmon and runs into the summer with Coho, Keta, and Pink Salmon openings and runs, always giving you the freshest catches available.

October to March is all about Dungeness crab, from Washington, Oregon, and Northern California, straight to you, from CFI.

CFI ships wild caught albacore tuna, mahi mahi, tuna (big eye, blue fin, yellowfin), and swordfish imported into LAX year-round from Mexico, Central America, South America, Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

Its lobster time June, July, and December to February when they are at their peak of freshness from Eastern Canada and Maine departing out of our locations in Halifax, Boston, and New York. Spiny lobsters and brood stock are serviced from our location near Miami International Airport August through March.