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Meat, Dairy and Confection

Chilled and frozen meats, dairy products and confections are among the most challenging products to export. Public health regulations governing shipping from North America and being entered into foreign countries can be complex and strict. The commodities themselves each can have special needs regarding documentation and cold chain management. CFI has decades of experience sending these commodities to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the rest of the world. We attend trade shows in these regions, networking with importers and speaking to government representatives to remain current with changing entry requirements. Most importantly, because CFI monitors market conditions, space, and equipment availability, we can recommend the most appropriate mode of transportation, routing, and determine the most competitive pricing to get a shipment to the destination in the best possible condition whether you’re shipping within or out of North America.

Find out how CFI can ensure the highest possible successful outcome shipping these challenging commodities today.

As a temperature sensitive and normally fragile shipments, CFI makes sure that these delicacies arrive on time and in perfect condition. A tailored approach to cool chain is priority #1.  Fresh to Frozen. Beef, pork, or chicken.  Yogurt, milk, or cheese.  Ice cream or chocolates.  Within or out of North America.  Each have a different requirement as we put together over pack before shipment departure.  Our cool chain strategy keeps these commodities exactly as shipped while they travel to their destinations both at home and overseas.

CFI pays attention to the ingredients that are contained in certain protein items themselves. Awareness of these ingredients can influence what documents should or should not accompany certain shipments or whether the importer of record is even permitted or authorized to receive the product pending the destination country.

Our organization’s objective is to qualify the items we send overseas. We realize that we are representative of our client’s global brand. If we do not properly pack the shipment for transit, ensure the documentation is accurate, the labels are correct, the used by dates are inline and take other factors into consideration, we can potentially compromise their strategic objectives.

Depending on the shipping lane, some commodities cannot transit certain countries. Regulations and requirements continuously change, and our staff monitors these changes to be proactive and ensure our client’s products are not refused upon arrival. In essence, Commodity Forwarders is privy to the nuances associated with exporting proteins to ensure there are no issues when the product arrives at its destination. Being aware of these dynamics prior to shipment departure avoids rejection upon arrival, additional costs at the destination, expensive fines and worse yet claims.


Commodity Forwarders knows that confection cargo is both a work of art and a test of strength. Chocolate itself is a temperature masterpiece. The shipping of chocolate shouldn’t be. CFI is prepared to make sure your cargo stays cool even on the hottest days or room temperature during the coldest one’s.

Chocolate itself is a temperature masterpiece. The shipping of chocolate shouldn’t be. CFI is prepared to make sure your cargo stays cool even on the hottest days.

Whether you’re shipping the finished delicacy or the raw materials of a future dessert, CFI is prepared to move your cargo to an exacting degree.

We’re ready with a complete cold chain strategy to make sure your confections are pristine upon arrival at destination, including temperature sensor monitoring. With CFI, there are no more temperature excursions. You can see exactly what temperature journey your confection has had when you ship with CFI.  If it’s too warm, it melts.  If too cold, chocolate turns white.  Particularly for confectionary items, the journey has to be right the first time in order to maximize your profits and minimize the risk.

Confection is a commodity that CFI moves via air and sea freight.  Our organization offers temperature-controlled trucking, refrigerated containers for sea freight and passive over pack solutions, via air, to maintain the integrity of the product as well as its packaging.  CFI is well versed at handling confectionary items, understanding they are fragile in nature and sensitive to heat up and cool down.