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At Commodity Forwarders Inc. (CFI), we take pride in being the premier perishables forwarder serving the Alaskan Red King Crab season. As a company deeply rooted in sustainability and traceability, we find the recent developments surrounding Alaska’s Red King Crab Savings Area to be of significant interest and consequence.

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) is currently contemplating whether to set fishing limits for all species within this area, a concerning move following the alarming crash in the red king crab population. This unfortunate drop in numbers led to the cancellation of the 2022-2023 season, sounding the alarm for the need for robust conservation measures.

The Red King Crab Savings Area, an expansive 4,000-square-mile territory west of Bristol Bay in the Eastern Bering Sea, is a haven created in 1996 specifically for red king crabs. This refuge not only protects the species but also guards their habitat. Despite this, the state of Alaska had no choice but to close the red king crab fishery for 2022-2023 due to significantly low population levels, a development that signals the urgency of the situation.

The council is considering two options for the savings area: an outright ban on all trawl gear or the closure of section 512 to Pacific cod pot gear. Both options aim to preserve the delicate balance of this crucial ecosystem, but both will undoubtedly make it hard on small businesses that supply crabs and crab fishermen.

CFI, along with the rest of the industry, will be following these developments closely as the adoption of the proposed fishing limits in Alaska’s Red King Crab Savings Area unfolds. We understand that these limits would be a substantial stride towards safeguarding this invaluable fishery for the enjoyment and sustenance of future generations, but know our concerns are shared with fishermen around the world. The council will meet again in October 2023 to discuss these proposed fishing limits further. 

As we continue to serve our customers, we are unwavering in our commitment to promoting sustainability and protecting the resources we rely on. It’s not just about providing quality seafood—it’s about ensuring the oceans continue to provide for all of us. As these delicate populations are increasingly more difficult to obtain, prices rise, meaning that transportation becomes critical to protecting your investment. Don’t trust your crab shipments to amateurs, contact CFI today.