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In the midst of a hot summer, the tarmac of an airport can be a difficult place to sit. Pilots can see the heat rising in waves, visible down the runway as the sun beats on the asphalt in the onslaught of a July afternoon. For people, it can be unbearable. For produce, it can be unsustainable. As temperatures rise and we feel the deepening impacts of climate change, CFI is deploying cutting-edge technology and solutions to mitigate the heat impact on perishable shipments. 

There are numerous studies and analyses looking at the impact of climate change on the shipping industry, especially where food shipments are concerned and the impact of the shipping industry on climate change. The subjects overlap on all modalities considering the carbon footprints of transportation are uniquely impacting the climate and the climate changes impact our food and shipping capabilities. 

The most environmentally friendly approach we can take is to avoid waste, especially where items already have a carbon footprint. Our ability to create minimal waste by deploying our cool chain technologies, including overpack and CoolSkys layered approach to temperature control can protect your perishables cargo from the heat. The battle against heat is the crux of the struggle with chilled cargo, but CoolSkys uses overpacking that acts as a refractor of infrared light, instead of a reflector. Scattering the light away without retaining the heat, the overpack allows cool airflow around the cargo and adds insulation. As less heat radiates into the cargo, less water is lost and the shipment retains more moisture than traditional metal bubble foil wraps. Combining CoolSkys overpacking with gel packs and dry ice prolongs the life of the coolant to keep the shipment safer than traditional materials. 

Waste can take many forms in logistics. If the perishables get to the end of their journey and turn bad, not only is the food wasted, all of the fuel for the trip and delivery is wasted. Commodity Forwarders offers a complete cool chain with climate control, monitoring sensors, and absolute visibility for the entire chain of custody of your supply chain. CFI offers 24/ 7 customer service along with a full line of inbound, high humidity forced-air cooling, inventory temperature control, and distribution services enabled with remote printing capabilities. You can trust our time-honored cool chain to prevent temperature excursions and deliver your product as fresh as we received it.   

If you’d like to know more about CFI’s sustainability initiatives and cool chain technologies, please visit our website