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Fruits and Vegetables

Commodity Forwarders has five decades of experience handling U.S. domestic and foreign produce for import, export, or transshipment of perishable goods. In Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Miami, Texas, and Hawaii we receive a mix of year-round and seasonal produce that is shipped worldwide. We offer transshipment services, acting as a re-packer and handler for cargo in transit between a foreign seller in one region and a foreign buyer in another. Whether you have a shipment of cranberries coming via Chicago, or a plethora of herbs in Hawaii, CFI is your perishables partner for the duration.

In Los Angeles, we receive produce such as asparagus, spring onions, grapes, and berries from farms in Mexico and California that ship to Asia, Europe, and the Middle East as well as Hawaii and Alaska. In addition, our locations in San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, are there to handle products from their growing regions but also products trucked in from all over. The focus is around freshness first. Our overpack facilities are tailored to handle perishable cargo of all types with multiple chambers with different temperatures and humidity settings possible. All locations are TSA CCSF and screening conducted in a temperature-controlled setting. We do a layered approach to cool chain where our team customizes based on routing, type of commodity and weather at origin, destination, and transport point. QC spots checks before the added cost of transportation is available on request.

For stone fruit like peaches, nectarines, and plums to snow peas, sugar snaps, watercress and okra, our Miami location is the launch pad for fruits and veg grown throughout Georgia and Florida as well as transshipped from Central and South America. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle are great departure points for air programs for Western USA grown produce. Each departure point is equipped with the needed refrigeration, TSA screening and close to airline cargo facilities. For those needing services from Texas, New York / New Jersey or Chicago, CFI offers similar facilities that help expedite export, domestic or import movements.

Blueberry – aka Blues – Export season begins end April in California and lasts through September as it makes its way up the west coast of the United States with both ocean and air freight shipments. CFI moves Oregon and Michigan Blues via expedited ocean vessels in controlled atmosphere (CA) containers. Import Blues from Chile and Peru come into our gateways of Miami, Los Angeles, and New York where CFI helps to clear customs, navigate USDA and provide onforwarding to final delivery.

CFI moves weekly containers loaded with Apples and Pears from the Pacific Northwest to Asia from September through March. In addition to apples and pears, CFI provides ocean export services for other commodities such as assorted vegetables and row crops, fruits, and nuts in addition to protein movements year-round.