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CFI’s layered approach to cool chain ensures that cherries are protected while shipping to various countries, including Japan, China, South Korea, Australia the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Brazil, and many more. As an exceptionally high-value commodity, cherries have a short season and shelf life, requiring vital monitoring throughout the supply chain to preserve their value. Working with grower-packer-shippers across the USA, Canada, and Chile, our FreshChaintm has developed a managed process that sets the benchmark for quality in domestic and international movements. The sense of urgency is everything when it comes to perishable air and ocean cargo. Be it exports from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver or coordinating “Sea 2 Air” from Chile via Miami, New York or Los Angeles or imports into Miami, New York, and Los Angeles, we understand that it is about freshness of product but also information that allows for the quickest as possible delivery to market.

CFI pioneered the exportation of cherries to China. We built upon our layered approach to cool chain by utilizing our broad network of strategic partnerships to secure the equipment and capacity needed to ensure that all perishables arrive in excellent condition.

As cherries aren’t available all year, we see excitement build as the first shipments ripen, and it’s our business to ensure that the cherries that appear on shelves are the freshest, crispiest possible. By ensuring shipments are chilled immediately after pickup from the shed and following strict quality control along the journey, cherries can keep their harvest flavor from farm to table.

Cherries must move to the retail market quickly after harvesting for optimum freshness and quality. With each passing day, the fruit loses a portion of its peak value for the grower or seller. CFI offers refrigerated and atmospheric-controlled containers that put the fruit to sleep. Hence, it arrives as fresh as when it left the U.S.

California’s cherry season starts in mid-April. It lasts until June, maybe overlapping the Washington season from mid-June until late August. BC Canadian fruit follows shortly after. California cherries set the standard for the fruit in the market and must reach store shelves as fast as possible. Chile provides product November to March. Our layered approach to cool chain incorporates levels of protection to ensure the fruit is protected, maximizing returns.