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From the four corners of the United States, CFI provides superior seafood distribution, trucking, and cross-docking services for arriving or transshipping cargo. Upon arrival, CFI applies our layered approach to cold chain by taking the temperature of the cargo and making that information available in our system. We can re-ice, replace gel packs and maintain shipments at the appropriate temperature in our cooler and on our dock before transferring the cargo to trucks for delivery to distributors, consignees, or airlines for domestic or international transport. Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, and Miami are significant gateways for import and export cargo connecting U.S. and foreign seafood suppliers and purchasers. From these strategic locations, CFI can offer refrigerated trucking through our network of carriers to anywhere in North America.

The amount of seafood originating and departing daily from Boston makes this city a natural hub for our eastern seaboard trucking operations. With more than three dozen LTL carriers at our disposal, this gives us the power to reach next day or second day into most major cities on the Eastern Seaboard (including Canada) and to the Midwest. Boston is our Northeast hub, receiving seafood by ground, sea or air from producers worldwide. In addition to our continuous service to and from Boston’s Logan Airport, we have numerous options into New York and Newark airport cargo terminals. At our facility, just minutes from Boston’s Logan Airport, we chill, re-ice and send cargo onwards, either by refrigerated truck or plane.

Miami’s unique position as the Southeastern U.S. transshipment hub for cargo arriving and departing Latin America for Europe and Asia provides CFI the opportunity to service a wide variety of products. CFI Miami receives cargo such as European or Chilean salmon or Latin American farmed tilapia filets for the US market or in transit to other destinations.

The first points of arrival into the Southwest Region for CFI, our Los Angeles and San Francisco facilities are minutes away from their airports. Cargo is swiftly retrieved, temperatures confirmed, QC verified and then prepared for distribution, by air or ground. Our trucking capacity in the Southwest Region offers ample opportunities for distribution throughout California and the nation.

Uniquely positioned to connect CFI Anchorage and CFI Seattle, the Pacific Northwest region seamlessly oversees the logistics management of live, fresh or frozen seafood globally. If your needs require U.S. distribution, we can combine our nationwide offices to give you a total cool chain solution incorporating air, land or overwater options to your customers’ door, from Hawaii to the East Coast.

With the growth of Cold Chain services on the rise, you need a partner who’s very foundation is such a service. CFI’s expertise, foresight, &, above all else, our people are here for you for all your cold chain needs.

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