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After two years of pandemic-induced cancellations for various conferences, CFI is thrilled to announce we will be exhibiting at the 2022 Seafood Expo North America, March 13-15 in Boston! One of the most important parts of a successful logistics plan is cultivating strong relationships and partnerships among the Commodities we service and the Seafood Expo is an outstanding example. We look to these events to reconnect with our clients, vendors, friends, and associates in one central location awash in fresh ideas, new products, and cutting-edge technology. 

According to Seafood Expo, “As we get ready for the 2022 show, we are excited to reconnect in-person with our customers, partners, and fellow seafood industry colleagues,” remarked Brenden Beck, EVP Sales & Marketing at Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods. “Many of us have spent many years working in this great industry and working on innovative ways to improve – what better way to be back together!”

At the heart of it, Seafood Expo is a celebration of excellence. With awards for retail and service vendors, there is a rewarding environment where professionals from all facets of this industry can support one another and drive quality with the healthy competition that improves the quality for everyone involved. Nothing inspires like being around great people doing amazing things incredibly well. And nobody understands that better than CFI. 

We look forward to Seafood Expo so we can show the industry our cutting-edge cool-chain technology. Our improvements are driven by the need to do better every year. CFI wants to be the leader in the shipments of frozen, fresh, and chilled seafood which requires a commitment to both learning how to better serve our customers and implementing the ideas in the most efficient way. Instruction without adjustment isn’t useful. When we learn, we must adapt and improve to meet the industry needs for tomorrow before anyone else. 

There has been a lot of talk about how much fun it will be to return to the camaraderie of the Seafood Expo, seeing friends and catching up on post-pandemic lives. Apart from that, we are noticing our excitement is also geared toward seeing the innovations coming on the horizon. Our experts are hungry for knowledge, ready to hear about challenges and out-of-the-box ways we can improve the lives of our clients. 
We plan to hit the ground running this year and would love to talk to everyone we can over the three days of the Seafood Expo. If you want to schedule an appointment to meet with CFI at Seafood Expo, you can use the contact form on our special Seafood Expo page. Check out our Seafood Expo roster here!