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Just like the 1972 sequel, we too might be seeing Revenge of the Blob…..

While it is too early to tell conclusively, watching climate indicators repeating themselves may be wise. Once bitten, twice shy, does come into play.

The 2014-15 Blob created havoc up and down the Pacific Coast. In 2018 we saw fisheries damage and large losses of marine mammals from California up to Alaska.

If we have a 2019-20 event equal or stronger than Blob 1, we should foresee a similar result in return season 2021-22. If we recall the first signs were extra small sockeye returns of 2017. Will the 2020 sockeye return mirror 2017?
We will know in a year.

We’ve talked about the Blob once before at the beginning of the year as concerns about warmer than normal waters killing off krill began in earnest. Though in February we were more optimistic that seasons would improve after the Blob moved on, we’re now seeing that the increasing temperatures of the north Pacific could cause issues in 2020 and beyond.

As we’ve stated before and would like to reiterate, the ocean is a flourishing ecosystem but is only as viable as its weakest link. If you need advice or information on how to plan your seafood shipments for the coming year, please reach out to your CFI representative. We try to keep abreast of these changing situations to  make the best strategic cool chain solutions for our customers.

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