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Live Dungeness Crab 

             This is the slow time of year.  With the lockdown in China, no exports will be made to China until further notice. It has not been consistent shipping with the continuing China COVID-19 lockdowns. Because the supply to China is a large portion of the export audience and the reduction could lead to lower prices and trouble for the fisheries who specialize in Dungeness Crab. 

Crab from Alaska

             Snow Crab harvest was slashed by nearly 90%.  What is available is almost exclusively frozen products as surveys show that a drop of 99% of immature females and huge reductions in viable breeding males and females lead industry experts to fear for the next few seasons as stock replenishes, if they can actually replenish at all.  

Red King Crab 

The 2021-2022 season was canceled due to low stock, the first time since 1994. The reduction in stock is due to climate change in the Bering sea and too few breeding females available for sustainability. This comes after three years of significant reductions in the total allowable catch, down from 6 million allowed in 2017/2018, and down from 20 million in 2008/2009. 

 Tanner Crab

            Southeast Crabbers expecting one of the best seasons as fishery managers described “historically high levels” of Tanner crab. While the catch limit won’t be set until the season commences, levels in 2021 reached over half a million crabs weighing 1.27 million pounds

With all this being said, prices for crab went to the moon, and now with Russia invading Ukraine, they are expected to go even higher. Canadian crabbers are particularly fortunate with the ban on Russian seafood imports in the United States as they’ll be the nearest supplier who can handle the demand. 

At CFI, it’s imperative that we remain informed about the commodities in which we specialize so we can always ensure that we’re delivering exemplary service in every situation.  Whether you’re concerned about crabs or looking at lettuce, your CFI representative can help plan your perishables shipments to perfection. Contact us today.