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Climate change is rearing its ugly head toward coffee drinkers as extreme weather conditions decimate the crop around the world. Centered in Brazil as they have a “once-in-a-generation” frost issue that’s killing older trees and forcing farmers to plant new ones that will take years to mature, the shortages are driving up prices by 60-80%. While Arabica beans are the most critical of coffee beans impacted, other types of coffee beans are also seeing more difficult growing conditions as climate change spirals around the world. 

Suppliers are looking to farm an alternate bean type as they try to mitigate the growing issues facing the Arabica beans. Robusta is the closest to Arabica but can be more bitter and has more caffeine, making it the bean of choice for espressos. When issues of supply pop up prices are likely to follow and Arabica beans have done just that while Robusta is climbing slower. Shippers are preparing for the shortage by increasing order sizes to try and ensure enough inventory to last through any market issues. These shipments will be critical when the supply runs low. 

Coffee shipments don’t require intensely complex shipping conditions but they are notoriously quick to age past premium freshness and that means that delays and issues must be handled or avoided at all costs – the best way to ensure that happens is to use CFI as your coffee forwarder. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled in the logistics industry and our long reputation for success leads to solid industry partnerships that can manage critical issues the moment they arise. In a logistics market that is plagued by delays and cancellations across all modalities, cargo could be at risk if a forwarder is unable to avoid the problems that impact smaller forwarders. 

Whether you need equipment, documentation, guidance or advocacy, your CFI representative brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your shipments and can act like an in-house logistics coordinator to take the burden off your shoulders. Reach out today and ask CFI how we can improve your coffee shipments!