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The first expectations of the 2023 Northwest cherry crop is very positive, predicting around 19.9 million twenty-pound boxes, a full 50% more than the 2022 harvest. According to The Packer, not only will the harvest be bountiful, the cherries should be large and flavorful as the spring weather offered optimum conditions for cell division and sugar development. Despite the bloom being around two weeks later than normal, falling on April 15th, the harvest, expected June 15th, should provide ample cherries for the summer shoppers looking to share this sweet treat.

Cherries are considered a perennial impulse buy, with reports claiming that 75% of all cherry purchases are made based on the positioning and appearance of the stock. This means that ample sales, desire and demand is inexorably linked with the freshness and placement of the fruit while in stores. Shelf life, making sure cherries arrive looking plump, brightly-colored and delicious helps to drive sales. This means that packing, shipping and protecting cherries during transportation is a critical factor in the success of the crop. Trusting the experts at CFI to protect the integrity of your cherries just makes sense. 

According to Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager for CMI Orchards, “Displays typically drive up to 30% more sales in-store. When you pair that with cherries—the magical fruit that inspires seasonal excitement year over year—it’s really the dreamiest match-up you could ask for.”

CFI Perishables was an early pioneer in exporting cherries to China. We are continuing that tradition by utilizing our broad network of strategic partnerships to secure the equipment and capacity needed to ensure cherries arrive in excellent condition. Cherries are a unique item as they ship to a wide assortment of countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore,  South Korea, Vietnam, and Australia, and other countries straight from the United States. 

In relation to other types of fruit, cherries are an exceptionally high value commodity, therefore it is vital to monitor them throughout the cool chain to preserve their value. CFI works with growers all over the country, developing a proprietary, managed process setting the benchmark for quality in established and new and developing markets.

If you’re ready to show off the brightest, sweetest cherries of the season, contact your CFI representative for more information.