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Food Safety Tech has released a list of seven ways to support food safety while considering your bottom line. You can do that and more with CFI as your trusted perishables logistics partner. 

Research from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) cites waste as the root cause of 31% of food loss. This can be avoided by choosing multiple forms of transportation. What seems cheapest isn’t always when you consider that those modes of transportation that are cheaper on paper aren’t actually once you’ve factored in time and revenue lost due to product shrink and spoilage. You can also expedite certain portions of shipments to cut down on transport time without overspending to expedite the whole shipment process. Another key focus is to combine shipments whenever possible. Choosing a service that offers LTL to ship lower weights, or FTL to combine product from multiple shippers can cut overall costs. CFI has air freight, ocean freight, and refrigerated trucking resources that can work in tandem to meet these needs. 

It is also important to make sure that those items being transported are permitted to be shipped together. Government agencies are constantly updating policies in regard to moving goods. For example, new sanitary rules for food transport compatibility. CFI prides ourselves on being up to date and compliant with all new rules and regulations, so we keep our clients compliant, too. 

The other tips fall under the umbrella of technology and modernization such as item forecasting, route planning, and data sharing. These are key strategies that have been highlighted by Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) new Green Trade Strategy. CFI is already ahead of the curve not only with sustainability practices, but implementing these strategies. Our unbroken cold chain services not only keep your goods at optimum temperatures, but we utilize CoolSkys overpacking technology that refracts light, absorbs less heat, while less moisture is lost, prolonging the life of the coolant while keeping cargo safe, and saving resources. 

We believe that logistics, at its core, is about information. We offer real-time tracking, temperature monitoring sensors, shipment transparency, and unparalleled twenty-four hours, seven days a week customer service. 

Reach out today and let us show you how CFI can protect and move your perishables.