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Commodity Forwarders Inc (CFI)  is on the forefront of technology allowing us to move sensitive fruits such as blueberries and cherries via ocean. Technology advancements in the last 10 years have allowed for greater transit time and shelf life for shippers and consignees. What were once thought of as only air freight reachable destinations have now been opened for ocean transits. Blueberries require Controlled Atmosphere plus Ozone to safely move them via ocean to places such as Singapore with a transit time of 24 days. Cherries on the other hand are often moved in Modified Atmosphere Bags, thus protecting them for voyages to such place as Vietnam with transit times of 22 days.

Commodity Forwarders is also involved in the exporting of grapes and citrus from Long Beach to the Middle East with transit times of 35-40 days.  Surprisingly, neither of these fruits require the Controlled Atmosphere of the blueberries or cherries as they are much hardier fruits.  Speaking of hardier fruits, we continue to move a small percentage of apples to such place as Europe and the Middle East, and have successfully moved avocados cross-country to load into Controlled Atmosphere moving to Europe.

While the examples above are only a small percentage of what Commodity Forwarder’s Ocean Department handles, none of this could occur without the assistance of our local and out of state truckers who have been working diligently with CFI to avoid the truck shortages that many have encountered throughout the country.  That isn’t to say we haven’t felt the shortage, as we continue to do so in the Mid-West and to some extend the East Coast. For the West Coast though, our truckers have famously come through!

Commodity Forwarders Inc., continues to upgrade systems and our knowledge of specific commodity requirements so that we can continue to offer the best service available in the market for refrigerated containers.

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