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The Plant-Based Foods Association is working to ensure a bright future for the planet and all its inhabitants by promoting a transformative shift to a plant-based food system that they believe will have a key role to play in securing that future. CFI, joined the association to further the vision and support the association by incorporating their rigorous standards and requirements into our plant-based shipments. 

With 300+ member companies and affiliates in the PBFA, and $7 billion in retail sales, plant-based food sales have grown over 43% in the past two years – 9x faster than total food sales. Stringently defining their plant-based foods as ‘foods made from plants that contain no animal-derived ingredients’, PBFA is also a great source for vegan alternatives coming to market. We believe that the future is freshness and it’s our goal to ship that future to the world. 

The PBFA 2022-24 Strategic Plan details a clear, comprehensive, three-year roadmap for the Association that includes their sister nonprofit organization Plant-Based Foods Institute, and how the two will work together with their members and a diverse team of coalition partners to drive the change needed to achieve a healthier, more sustainable, more equitable food system.

The mutual support and care we give to our shippers and cargo is perfectly suited to the needs of companies and associates of the PBFA. CFI offers sustainable solutions and manages food safety based on HACCP principals in strict accordance with FreshChain – a commitment that leads to Food Waste prevention. 

Founded in 2016, The Plant-Based Foods Association was inspired by the need for a collective voice of the plant-based foods industry and representation in government. They officially launched at Natural Products Expo West with 23 member companies that March. The PBFA created the first plant-based food certification program and their effort works to build a strong foundation for plant-based food industries. As the first and only trade association representing the nation’s leading plant based food companies, their goals are in complete alignment with the CFI and KN mission. 

CFI and the Kuehne + Nagel Fresh network is here to serve all types of products and we work diligently to keep up with new trends and spot the future direction of perishables. Because we have the knowledge to transport products to distant markets no matter what the challenge is, this partnership will open our services to millions of people who need fresh, plant-based foods in all markets. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our logistics offerings, plant-based shipments, or other perishable products, Issa Mahshi for more information