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One day during the height of last year’s season, Commodity Forwarders, Inc. handled nearly 700,000 pounds of asparagus that was then flown around the rest of the world. The asparagus transit time from packing in field to arriving to our facility in LAX is less than 24 hours. Upon receiving asparagus in LAX, we start the handling process of screening and loading, and CFI can have it tendered only 1.5 hours after it has been received. Generally, all the asparagus received is all loaded and tendered to airlines within 10 hours. Asparagus is mainly shipped via air to Western Europe, London, Spain, Australia, Japan, Dubai, and Southeast Asia. The speed with which CFI can turn around asparagus translates directly into a longer shelf life and fresher final product on the table, regardless of the final destination.

The largest portion of asparagus is grown in Caborca, Mexico, in a growing season that spans from December until April. Mexican Asparagus has a great reputation for being very high quality but also is harvested at a time where the global supply is very limited.  The other main supply region for asparagus is Peru, which grows year round but subject to weather issues that affect the yield. Asparagus from Mexico has a very similar look and taste so suppliers can maintain the freshness and quality of their without a dramatic change in appearance or cost.   Mexican asparagus also has the benefit in Europe of being duty free for a portion of the season which brings down the cost of importing it. Considering Californian asparagus has a 10% tariff, asparagus from Mexico is a more cost effective choice.

For more information about exports of asparagus around the world, feel free to reach out to any of our CFI Los Angeles-based experts who are ready to serve.

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