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This time last year we were preparing for a transfer of presidential power, a COVID safe holiday, and the excitement of another new year to come with one very small request – just don’t be as rough as 2020. As we look back over 2021, we see a year that was completely different from 2020, better, worse, easier, harder, brighter, scarier, wilder, and more unpredictable than any of us expected. What is most surprising in our look back is how many things happened in 2021 that feel decades ago. 

Everyone remembers the Ever Given, but how many realize that was March 24th and not a couple of years back? From blanked sailings to California congestion to sustainability, the story of 2021 is a spotlight on the challenges facing the supply chain. As the issues mounted the record level of imports coming to the US West Coast created pain points where systemic problems became insurmountable at rail hubs, air, and seaports around the country. To call the year difficult is putting it mildly. 

While it might seem like the only topic on anyone’s mind was container congestion (and air cargo congestion in the second half of 2021) there were a number of issues this year that gave pause in the logistics industry. The implementation of ICAO rules regarding canine screening caused some delays for companies who, unlike CFI, weren’t prepared for the changes. Looking back, many of us are reminded of the two-panel comic of a dog sitting at a table in a burning room saying only, “This is fine.” Most professionals spent the better part of 2021 expecting the congestion and disruption to shake out at the last minute, but CFI is always prepared.

Our ability to secure equipment, prevent delays, navigate catastrophic weather and climate-related issues and keep cargo moving despite the worst delays in modern shipping history. We take it as a mandatory requirement to remain ahead of the competition and stay well prepared with the leading industry experts bringing decades of experience, knowledge, and most importantly, friendships and partnerships that build a community of excellence. 

Stay tuned next week when we talk about the CFI outlook for 2022 – a year we’re already planning to flourish through as we support our clients with a singular focus on the mutual success of our people and our planet