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As a child, Jimy Kim dreamed of being an airline pilot. Born in Korea, Jimy immigrated to California in time to begin sixth grade in Anaheim. There he could watch the planes circling John Wayne Airport but couldn’t imagine just how his dream would influence his future. By the time he graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in economics, Jimy had long since put his pilot ambitions aside, but a chance interview at Korean Airlines felt karmic.

From Korean Air, Jimy Kim moved to Asiana Cargo after four years where he was the Sales Team Leader for the next thirteen. These opportunities were the foundation for his career. He began to learn the basics of air cargo, the way airlines worked, and how much he enjoyed being in the industry. When a former boss opened a freight forwarder in Korea he offered Jimy the opportunity to return to the country of his birth and experience logistics and supply chains from a market different from the one he professionally grew up learning.

Ten years later, Jimy and his wife decided to return to the U.S. to give their daughter her education apart from the strictness of the Korean system. Jimy took the position of Perishables Development Manager at Nippon Express with the express goal of growing their cherry shipments business into the Korean market.  

A self-identified collector, Jimy Kim looks back fondly over his winding air cargo road. Unlike the stamps, coins, comics, and small diecast cars (1:18 scale) Jimy also amassed a large collection of Starbucks gift cards that were unique to each city he visited – a collection that he stopped when paper cards took over from the original hard plastic. “A man has his limits,” he jokes. 

“I’ve collected so many great experiences all over the world. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and with CFI, they have a program that works. They’re invested in training and support with updates to new staff every 30 and 60 days to make sure the adjustment is as smooth as can be. You’re meeting goals as a family and it just builds the success when it’s a solid team effort.”

As a man of great faith, Jimy Kim strongly believes in the personal connections that strengthen our industry. The interconnectedness of the carriers, shippers, destinations and the people who make up this great team are all valued pieces in a glorious puzzle that connects a young boy who dreamed of being a pilot to the father and husband who is motivated to succeed by the community of friends and family in his life.