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This morning, the United States and China signed the Phase One agreement which is the first step in improving trade relations and opening additional market opportunities for US companies and exporters. Aside from the top-line figure of $80 billion in purchases over the next two years of agricultural and seafood products, the Office of the US Trade Representative detailed the following for several sectors of interest to our customers: 

  • Seafood: China has agreed to approve the importation of 26 aquatic species requested for export by the United States. China has committed to streamline the timelines and procedures for registering U.S. seafood facilities and products including fishmeal and oil. 
  • Produce: China has agreed to finalize phytosanitary protocols for U.S. avocadoes, blueberries, potatoes, California nectarines and other items. 
  • Beef: China will expand the scope of beef products allowed to be imported, eliminate age restrictions on cattle slaughtered for export to China, eliminate unnecessary cattle traceability requirements, and provide for the establishment of maximum residue levels for three hormones legally used in the United States.

The fact sheet has the greatest amount of detail and you can check that out here. (PHOTO CREDIT: Mark Wilson, Getty Images)

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