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Commodity Forwarders Inc. understands that your sample shipments are some of the most precious shipments we handle. The arrival condition of the samples impacts future business deals for our customers and is paramount to their growth initiatives. We understand that the care and handling of these sample shipments is crucial to our client’s success and are committed to ensuring their arrival in exceptional condition.

The United States Embassy in Dubai uses CFI to handle the samples for their exhibitors at Gulf Foods and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute utilizes our services for their entire pavilion of exhibitors at the Brussels Seafood Show/Seafood Expo Global. Commodity Forwarders Inc. has an excellent global NFI Salmon Council Meeting at Seafood Expo 2017reputation for sending samples because they arrive in excellent condition for display to their exhibitors.   Food organizations, importers, distributors, and exhibitors would  not work with CFI to execute their sample needs if we were not providing exemplary service and value.


Collectively, our organization consistently sends out sample shipments for the following reasons: a tasting, photo shoot, R&D purposes, pre-clearance, quality test, and to register products in other markets. Through our gateways in Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Seattle we are able to professionally organize and protect any perishable commodity sample shipment for domestic or international travel. Now, as a member company of Kuehne and Nagel Fresh, we are able to also offer the clearance and delivery services available within their international office network.

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