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Everybody knows the quote about finding a needle in a haystack when they’re searching for something that is all but un-findable, but that old adage took a dark and terrifying turn this week when three incidents were reported in Australia where sewing needles were found in strawberries. The Queensland Strawberry Growers Association has stepped forward to claim that they have reason to suspect a disgruntled employee is behind this terrible action. While the idea of a needle in a piece of fruit is repulsive and disturbing, the idea of food handling, safety and security is a topic that all perishable shippers and carriers are constantly focusing upon. Instances like the one in Queensland can cause irreparable harm across the farmers and fields that supply these crops when something goes wrong, by fault or error.

CFI is an integral partner with suppliers as we work to keep our shipments as safe as possible. It is the policy of this company to work with and ship perishable goods in the safest way possible to protect the integrity of the product. In order to achieve this operating standard, we will be guided by the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code, our local state and city rules, and this Hazard Analysis Critical Control-Based, Food Safety Policy, Procedures, and Standards Manual. All persons will follow the food safety protocol for food defense. This means that when performing tasks, all employees will first be trained in the hazards and important food safety controls (critical control points).

  • The warehouse receiving, distributing and build up area is on 24
    hour surveillance.
  • We have a visitor policy in place that all visitors must sign in and
    must be escorted at all times. We have gated entries.
  • Any employee that is terminated is escorted out of the building to
    ensure nothing takes place prior to them exiting.
  • Employees have limited access to chemicals and chemical storage
    areas. Maintenance and supervisors only have keys to these
    storage areas.
  • Management takes active role in participating in all training and
    establishing food safety defense guidelines.
  • CFI will invest whatever means necessary to ensure food safety.

You can view our Food Defense SOP and reach out to your CFI representative at any time if you have concerns or questions regarding handling, safety and the protection of our shipments.

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