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Photo Credit: United Airlines

Commodity Forwarders is proud to have partnered with United Airlines and played a role in the transport of 190,000 pounds of food to Guam as part of a US government program of food assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Working with United Airlines on their 777 passenger freighter service between Los Angeles and Guam, CFI received the cargo as part of the USDA’s Coronavirus Farm Assistance Program.

In Los Angeles, the shipper received the cargo in bulk and repackaged it into ten-pound cases. Utilizing CFI’s layered approach to cool chain, we ensured the cargo was received and maintained at optimal freshness and temperature during packaging and when tendered to United Airlines.

UA then flew the cargo over a series of flights to Guam where the boxes were distributed to local food banks and handed out to those in need. You can see Facebook Live footage from outside one of those distribution points here.

We are proud to have helped and partnered with United Airlines on this project and if the USDA or US government are planning additional assistance programs to American citizens in the Central and South Pacific, we stand ready to help once again.

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