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Looking back over the year, as we did in our last blog, we have been reminded so much of 2020 during 2021 that it makes us wonder what 2022 could bring to distinguish itself from the difficulties we’ve faced so far?  The logistical issues we’ve faced won’t evaporate at the flip of the calendar, but most expect that congestion will ease up and rates should stabilize across ocean and air cargo – albeit at higher than previous levels. Apart from the economic situations we’re paying attention to, we have a number of thoughts on the horizon about not only logistics but plans we are making and the news we’re excited to share. 

In our upcoming stories, we’re bringing you the heart and soul of Commodity Forwarders, Alfred Kuehlewind, as our flagship spotlight interview. Alfred’s will discuss his thoughts about CFI, the business, the history, and the way each spotlight focuses on the family atmosphere he created in the company. 

We’re also going to be announcing a very special retirement from a long-time member of the CFI team. You’ll want to read along and learn more about the experience of a long-term career with a perishables forwarder and how we learn to measure our successes and value our time together. 

Don’t worry, for those who read to learn more in-depth information about our Commodities can also expect updates on our cherries, salmon, proteins, blues, and maybe a few updates to stories we haven’t looked at in a few years. After seeing the geoduck on Tiktok recently, it wouldn’t be a shock to see them rise in popularity and need a new story about their shipments. It’s our job to make sure you’re hearing the latest news and most cutting-edge information out there about our exemplary staff and the myriad products we ship each day to keep consumers awash in freshness. 

Without a doubt, there will be ups and downs in the coming months as we dig out from under the record-setting congestion at US ports and deal with understaffed airport handlers but we’re excited to see how the twists and turns develop for all of us.  Thanks for the support in 2021 and her is to a great 2022 ahead!!