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Check out our new tradition! The CFI family has been hard at work gathering non-perishable food across our branches to donate to local area food banks in our respective cities. Our new annual food drive will become a yearly event across our offices. Our teams have a competitive side so we’re excited to see them work hard every year to gather as much as they can to donate to local families in need. This year alone we gathered over 1800 items for donations!

It’s estimated that one out of six families in the US are food insecure and around the holidays, that insecurity only increases. CFI wants to give back to our communities and make this small gesture to bring a little comfort and joy to the season. Thank you to everyone involved with this year’s successful haul! We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings.

CFI-LAX will donate to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

CFI-SEA will donate to Food Lifeline.
CFI-BOS will donate to The Greater Boston Food Bank

CFI-OGG will donate to the Maui Food Bank

CFI-JFK will donate to the Agape Food Rescue, Inc

CFI-ORD will donate to the Greater Chicago Food Depository

CFI-HNL will donate to the Hawaii Food Bank

CFI-MIA will donate to the Feeding South Florida
CFI-SFO will donate to the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

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