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In a cynical world, a story that depends on following our hearts is often met with skepticism and doubt. We reward rationality and logic, fawning over heroes who turn from their hearts to follow reason. Swabera Rashid follows her heart. In a cynical world, Swabera leads with love and knows good advice when she hears it. 

“After eleven years, you realize that it’s the people that bring you to work every day. At CFI, my coworkers and the customers are the best part of my day. It’s also what we look forward to the most in the coming years – more people here, more customers to work with, and more time together.” 

Starting in 2012, Swabera found her job at CFI through an employment agency. After a friendly interview, she joined the team as a Customer Service Representative, eventually moving into a leadership role with four people reporting to her. Passing on the enjoyment of working for CFI and building a team that is considerate, diligent, and attentive to the critical details required for perishable logistics is a priority. 

The fine attention to detail comes to Swabera from her time as an insurance company administrative assistant. In Guyana, where Swabera is from, she honed her organizational and customer service skills, finding great joy in being of service and seeing people flourish with the kindness and friendliness she brings to every interaction. 

As dedicated as she is to CFI, when asked what she enjoys doing in her spare time, Swabera again had a simple answer. “I just love hanging out with my husband. He’s my best friend. We met in Guyana and married sixteen years ago, and it still feels like it’s the first year. There is nobody else in the world I have more fun with or whose company I enjoy more.” 

In another fitting piece of advice, when Swabera’s younger sister got married six months ago, she told her younger sister something very similar to her outlook on her job. “I just hope, after sixteen years of marriage, you still feel the same as you did the first day. And after eleven years at CFI, I love it just as much as I did when I started.”

With Swabera Rashid at the helm, the CFI customer service team at JFK is building a brighter future. From quoting to cargo coordination, documentation to distribution plans, satisfied employees provide superior service to customers. Contact us if you want to know more about working with the CFI team to level up your perishables shipment or find a challenging new career path at a supportive and dynamic company.