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Suzanne Kocher embodies the confident ease of a customer service representative who has seen every problem and solved them all twice. In 2016, Suzanne joined the CFI team after spending twenty-four years at Kuehne and Nagel. Her manner is casual and her answers often glow with a stripped-down simplicity that only someone secure in their story can offer. 

When asked how long she’s been in the logistics industry, Suzanne responds, “Since the 80s.” The clear picture that anyone who’s been around more than thirty-three years can see is that the exact date is more of an ephemeral piece of trivia, faded by the footprints across five decades. 

Similarly, when asked where she’s from, Suzanne answers, “I’ve been in Seattle so long I might as well be a native.” The perspective from a lifetime of experience radiates in that statement. As years pass, the exact coordinates matter less than the home we find in a place we love. 

Suzanne isn’t lackadaisical, rather she’s saving her specificity for the important topics. When asked about her job at CFI, the details are fast and vivid. 

“It’s the people. There’s a family atmosphere, and I know people say that but here it’s really true. Managers are easy to talk to. When we make a mistake there’s no negativity or blame, let alone any yelling or unkind words. It’s help, education, and empowerment, and that makes coming to work everyday a pleasure.”

It’s a common refrain at CFI. After countless employee interviews, the family atmosphere and management styles are always applauded. When told she isn’t the first to mention that the supportive and comfortable environment is a plus, she doubles down. 

“It’s the truth and I think the people here see that. We’ve all worked places where we dreaded the place and it’s not like that here. I enjoy my coworkers because we’re all different and we still care about each other. CFI builds a phenomenal team.”

It might seem that after such a long and illustrious career, Suzanne might be wondering what’s next, but she’s long had that figured out. 

“I’m just going to stay happy and content until retirement. I’m not looking for anything new. I’ve got a place I fit, where I love the work and the people, and I’m just going to continue to enjoy it.”

When asked about her secret sauce for success in the industry, she gets a quieter, almost secretive. “Be patient, pay attention to the details, and always keep them laughing.”

When she’s not charming customers and making her coworkers’ days brighter, Suzanne and her husband Mike enjoy traveling up and down the Oregon Coast. They’re also proudly pampering their nine-year-old Malti-Poo, Sophie, who bears a striking resemblance to a teddy bear. The CFI team is honored that Suzanne joined our family and brings her winning attitude with her each and every day.