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With a commitment to continuous improvement and great excitement, CFI is launching our sustainability page. It is our honor to work for a company that is dedicated to leading the charge to fight climate change and we intend to put our work together in one place for our readers to see the lasting impact and latest news on that topic. 

Here you can find our yearly statistics about sustainable fuel options, waste-reducing overpack, and other initiatives we have to protect our planet. 

As a repository of our blog posts and media coverage regarding the details of our undertakings. From the stories about our solar initiative to our award-winning efficiency implementation, CFI holds the advancement of green initiatives as the most critical program for our success. 

We believe we can marry the improvement of energy efficiency and consumption while offering the same level of exemplary service and customer satisfaction we are known for. 

CFI prides itself on delivering a family atmosphere where we encourage the sharing of ideas, input, and solutions between all levels of the organization. When we listen to those who are closest to the operations, we are dazzled at the ideas we have to easily and efficiently improve our daily business. 

By inviting discussion we empower our team to look deeply, critically, and honestly at the status quo of everyday business and find the small improvements that build into a tidal wave of effective change and flourishing ideas. Seeing their ideas implemented and the impact it makes in our daily lives keeps everyone invigorated to discover new methods and share ideas. 

As a multigenerational company, our vision is long and our outlook broad. We understand that every member of the team is connected to families and communities around the world and it is for that future we are taking a fresh approach to improve our sustainability and showing our commitment directly to our readers as we move forward.