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On November 6, 2019 a 1.27 pound snow crab set a world record at auction when it was sold for $46,000 (5 million Yen). The first and best catch of the season is a lucky win for bidders, as it’s expected to bring success to whomever takes home the prize crustacean. As the rest of the first day unfolds, further bids come in lower and lower as more stock is moved, the rush of being first wearing off and showing a return to normal pricing levels. The pomp of a first catch isn’t limited to snow crabs; in fact almost yearly, bids on the first Bluefin tuna on the first auction day of the season regularly reach up over a million dollars.

In January 5, 2019, the most recent Bluefin opener sold for $3.1 million in Tokyo. However Japan isn’t the only market for these catches. Snow crabs, Tuna, and other goods are caught and sold in other locations, including Alaska, but the cultural impact of that initial sale is missing so there aren’t headline driving stories about the first and best auction at the season opener. Prices can be higher in Japan as well considering the travel necessary for moving commodities to the island nation.

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Photo courtesy of CNBC.

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