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Phil Cranmer’s journey with CFI began in 2005 when he joined the Anchorage office. Little did he know this first job would become a lifelong passion. After a brief time away, he returned in 2012, this time in the Seattle office, where he has remained ever since.

His tenure at CFI marked his initiation into the world of logistics and transportation. Despite being new to the industry, Phil’s dedication and enthusiasm quickly set him apart.

As a night shift worker, Phil’s typical day revolves around completing orders and ensuring shipments run smoothly while he’s on deck. From printing AWBs to coordinating with airlines, he handles every aspect with precision and care. The night shift opens fewer orders than they close, so getting the day finished and preparing for the next shift is key. His commitment to customer service shines through as he diligently monitors the inbox, promptly addressing all queries.

What Phil loves most about his job is the sense of fulfillment that comes from providing end-to-end transportation solutions. Seeing CFI’s positive impact on its customers reaffirms his passion for operations. For Phil, there’s nothing quite like witnessing the tangible results of his hard work.

Reflecting on his journey, Phil offers sage advice to his younger self: embrace risks and consider lateral moves. It’s these unexpected opportunities that often lead to greater rewards.

Outside work, Phil finds solace in nature through hiking and cherishes quiet moments with a good book. But the time spent with his family brings him the greatest joy.

Phil Cranmer’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and perseverance. From a novice in the industry to a seasoned professional, his journey with CFI embodies the spirit of growth and resilience.

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