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After 24 years at Air Canada Cargo and 18 with CFI, Jeff Hearns has decided to retire from the air cargo business. Jeff Hearns became the Station Manager of CFI San Francisco after starting at CFI LA as the Import Manager in 2004. 

As a Long Island native, he started his logistics career at JFK in New York and quickly transferred to California, eventually becoming the Regional Cargo Sales Manager for the Western USA territory. From there, it was only a matter of time before CFI, Air Canada’s top account in the Western USA, wooed him onto the team. 

“Post 9/11 was hard on the airlines, they were tough times. When I was given a package that allowed me to take early retirement in 2003, I went to work for my #1 account early the next year. Alfred and Chris gave me so much support, and transitioning from a corporation to a smaller, family-feel company was relatively easy. That’s how they get you here… They bring you in, treat you well, and work you hard! Now, I’ve been part of the CFI family for over 15 years.” The joy in Jeff’s voice is evident as he talks about his time at CFI.

In 2009, Jeff accepted the position of Station Manager of CFI San Francisco. He brought the same dedication to CFI that he had at Air Canada. Proudly, Jeff talks about the team they’ve built at CFI-SFO and how dedicated his co-workers are to the team’s success.

“CFI is a home for many of us. We joke that it takes a special sort of person to work here, but there are people here who started at 18 or 19 years old that are still here, well over a decade later. And not only are they here, but they’re in management roles and developing their talents. CFI has a knack for finding dedicated people and helping them to flourish and grow. It’s incredible to be part of that. And now, Kuehne + Nagel, and KN Care in particular, really has brought the focus back to the people, to building a family with a common goal and a real stake in everyone’s successes,” says Jeff.

“Alfred often quipped to the other air cargo salespeople of the time that they should take a lesson from Jeff. He has been that calm and level-headed voice that contributed to our success over the years. He was the first recipient of CFI’s Airline Person of the Year award.  Jeff was always available and understood what we did was more than just moving perishable cargo. The relationship was based on how we grew the business together as airline and forwarder.” 

Chris Connell – Sr. Vice President, Perishables North America

When he’s not at work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his two daughters and two grandsons. He once spent 12 days on a tour of Ireland, swam with a shark in Hawaii, loves music, and plays guitar to relax. He studied the violin and contrabass in school and music theory and guitar in college.

Please join us in thanking Jeff for his service.  We wish him the best health in his new chapter as he embarks on more adventures with his two daughters and two grandsons. The CFI family hopes your retirement is full of music, gardening, and long relaxing moments enjoying the water. Well done, Jeff!!  You will be missed.