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Food can be one of the great loves of one’s life. The connection between families, friendships, work experiences, and food is a unifier unlike any other – the cuisine can be completely different, almost unrecognizable, cooked in ways we’ve never seen before, and yet, everyone has a warm connection to food. That is the driving force behind working in the perishables space. Not only does Issa Mahshi have a deep love for food, his craving for connection between foods and families, exposing people to new cuisine and an unwavering commitment to quality has charted a course for him that spans the globe for over fifteen years.  

Issa joined Kuehne + Nagel directly after he graduated from university in Canada. Majoring in Sales and Marketing in conjunction with Small Business and Entrepreneurship, he was deeply interested in learning not only the economics of consumers but the psychology behind it. From the UAE to Canada to Jordan, Issa lived in various cities, exposing him to a diverse global community. His passion can clearly be seen by his customers shipping their valuable perishable products across the world by air

“The best part of my job has always been meeting producers, farmers, or fishermen who can connect my food passion to consumers. COVID-19 disrupted supply chains around the world in all modes of transport. Government lockdowns meant fewer travelers which impacted airfreight capacity. Port congestion, vessel delays, and equipment shortages further contributed to these challenges, and those issues filtered through to hit consumers hardest. That reinforced my passion of finding solutions, being creative while maintaining the highest quality standards and consistency, to ensure food accessibility no matter where someone lives.”

Now Issa’s journey has expanded to a North American role where he gets to work alongside perishable experts at CFI and the global Kuehne + Nagel FreshChain network. “Whether it is life, chilled or frozen protein, fresh produce, or another type of perishables, our continent has an abundance of commodities that can be enjoyed around the world and I’m excited to be a part of it all.” 

“Being around food, whether it’s your neighborhood farmer’s market, the freshest seafood right from the fishing docks, or any country you travel to, you can discover so much about the culture, the passion, and the love inside the community. I once took a 3:00 AM tour of Rungis market simply to view firsthand where the world of food trading intersects. I am driven to know the people behind the food, the ones making it possible for these different tastes to be together on a plate.”