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“The logistics change but the passion is the same.”

Hany Corrales, Business Development Eastern US & Caribe MIA ZA PD, Miami, FL

For Women’s History Month, the expectation was to highlight a handful of the talented women who help CFI deliver outstanding perishable services worldwide. What we found was so much bigger than just the CFI brand. 

As much as we share a common goal at CFI, the stories we have are as diverse and unique as our team. From stories of illness and loss to struggle and triumph, we take great pride in honoring our people as often as possible. Now, with a perspective five times larger than ever before, we’ve been gifted an insight at the unique outlook of each woman we interviewed and the running themes that are interwoven through each perspective.

“I think other companies can better support women in their organization by holding everyone to the same standard regardless of gender and equally recognizing any accomplishments across the board.”

Bailey Bartholemew, Customer Service Supervisor, Anchorage, AK

“Include more women in decision-making processes, improve child-family leave, work-life balance and encourage remote working.”

Gemma Brokaw, Station Manager, Honolulu, HI

“Continue growing, creating comprehensive work environments with follow-up ideas to create spaces for skill development, training, and promotion within organizations.  Develop incentive programs for equality in companies that still resist the opportunity to have creativity and a feminine touch in their companies.”

Hany Corrales, Business Development, Miami, FL

“Create a safe space for them, allow women to hold high positions in companies, especially ones normally dominated by men,  and make room for growth. Whether that be personally or professionally.”

Jackeline Platero, Warehouse Agent, Los Angeles, CA

When we compared that to the ways CFI has shown these women support, we begin to see that feeling heard, understood, and seeing women move up in the company inspire the next generation of thought leaders.

“CFI supports women in the workplace by recognizing/making note of your achievements and promoting within whenever possible.”


“In my experience, I feel that CFI supports women by allowing them a safe space to express themselves. I feel that this is very important because there are more men than women on the warehouse floor, and I feel that if we have any concerns, we can voice them and know we will be heard.”


“CFI is very accommodating when it comes to family-related matters and time off. There seems to be the opportunity for women to move up to higher positions. I feel that my opinion matters as much as any other male coworker.”


At CFI, we’re proud of the idea that our people come to us because they’ve had a positive interaction with our people and want to join our team and work under that positive influence. Nothing inspires like teamwork and friendship growing in an experiential environment.

“We work in a safe environment, free of discrimination, where women and men have equal opportunities and responsibilities. Our work is valued, recognized, and promoted based on our skills. At CFI, I was able to feel the support of a family in the best and worst moments of my life.”

Hany Corrales, Business Development Eastern US & Caribe MIA ZA PD, Miami, FL

When asked what advice they’d give their younger selves, the answers echo the qualities that make our CFI team different from the rest.

“Don’t limit yourself to one line of industry. We need more women in general labor, blue-collar environments, and roles.”


This Women’s History Month, we call out the incredible work that the women on our staff do every day and hope that they always feel heard, seen, respected, and supported in the world of logistics. If you want to know what it’s like to work at CFI, check out our careers page and find out which CFI location might be your new home.