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If we’ve learned nothing else during this time, we’re very aware of how important our co-workers, family, and friends are to staying happy and healthy around the world. For CFI, our team is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We understand that how we take care of each other reflects the values and integrity of our organization.

Our next multi-part blog project will center around the culture of caring that we’ve worked to build in our staff as topics range from health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, to our preparations for natural disasters, to our internal work supporting the mental health of our staff.

The most pressing issue currently facing our staff remains the coronavirus pandemic and the way it’s reverberating through the logistics industry. Our plan remains unchanged during this time; safety first, caution, common sense, and cleanliness. We have a mandatory mask policy in addition to our social distancing guidelines. It’s important to ensure there’s enough space to fit our staff in a way that allows for six-feet between everyone at all times. Office and management are working from home wherever available so they don’t take up space better used by operations people who must be on hand to process cargo.

Remember – CFI is also doing business in states where the virus is under control like Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington while also maintaining facilities in hot spots like Florida and California. We have had to devise a strategy that meets the requirements of all our stations while also taking into account local variances in how the buildings, staff and visitors interact.In Los Angeles, for instance, our plan for our office includes:

  • Installed plexiglass around most work stations to allow employees to work at their desks without a mask.
  • Weekly disinfectant fogging in all areas and equipment.
  • New, non-toxic, cleaning disinfectant for employees to use to clean their areas.
  • All facilities, vehicles, and equipment are sanitized multiple times per day.
  • Replaced and upgraded all AC air filters.
  • Installed new temp monitors on the walls so no employee has to take the temp of another and possibly be exposed.
  • Created and maintain bubble zones to reduce cross-over between warehouse and office staff.
  • We are on our 3rd order of cloth masks for the employees.
  • Weekly replenishing hand sanitizer, wipes, and glove supplies.
  • Doing trace back from any employee that is positive for Covid-19 to notify anyone that may have come in contact with them in order to maintain control of any outbreak. This has worked very well in all stations.
  • Continual monitoring of all stations vis camera system to ensure all employees are following the CFI COVID-19 management and employee plan that has been distributed.

Our staff is working doubly hard to stay ahead of our shipments, complete the sanitation requirements, reserve their socialization, and be patient to allow others to finish tasks and vacate the bubble before they continue with their duties. It has been a lot of work and none of this would matter if we didn’t have the cooperation and support of every team member in the CFI family.

We’re honored to see their commitment and dedication and thank them for mobilizing so rapidly to ensure a safe and healthy environment in such a tumultuous time. The attention to detail that has made us the greatest perishables shipper has also kept us healthy and able to keep succeeding during this pandemic.

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