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Because of our unparalleled commitment to maintaining the highest quality perishables, achieving the attestation of FreshChain certification in our warehouses is one of our most important undertakings. An important layer in our approach to cool chain logistics, the FreshChain certification

The FreshChain certification is a rigorous process that tests the quality control, safety, health, and environment of each location to the highest standards. The two-day process consists of two audits, the first of which is set up to uncover any hidden issues or failure points in the warehouse. CFI does an in-depth inspection of the facilities, sanitation, technology, maintenance, and documentation and compiles a list of corrective actions that must be taken before a location can be certified. The second audit comes after the corrective actions have been met and if the improvements meet the standards, certification is granted. The work doesn’t stop once the certificate is hung up; we have a schedule of standard maintenance, ongoing work, paperwork, and documentation that need to be regularly followed to stay in compliance with our certification.

Currently, our Miami and Los Angeles are FreshChain certified, having passed their inspections in 2019. In 2020, we’re inspecting our San Francisco location from July 20-22; our Chicago location from August 31- September 2; and our Seattle location on September 8-10. As each new facility achieves the certification, they’re able to benefit directly with the entirety of the FreshChain within the extensive Kuehne and Nagel network. This improves customer confidence, opens up space that is of the highest quality for perishables, and links us with partners around the globe.

CFI Perishables is dedicated to transporting the freshest cargo on the planet and with our access to a comprehensive global network, thanks to FreshChain, your cargo is in the most capable hands. This certification is only a single layer in our approach to cool chain shipping and works in conjunction with technology, technique, and an extensive commitment to protecting the cargo in our care. If you’d like to find out what cool chain solutions CFI has for your business, contact us today.

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