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Here at CFI, we’re always working on opening up new relationships with foreign markets to facilitate trade with new partners. On Friday, Tan Nguyen, CFI’s Regional Manager for Asia and I were able to host a delegation from Vietnam through our Seattle facility as part of the State Dept. sponsored US tour.  The tour was a three week trip for the participants beginning off the East Coast and moving west covering Meat, Seafood and Agriculture products.  They represent many of the larger grocery store and distributors in Vietnam.

CFI is the best fit for them with our offices on the East Coast, Midwest and West Coast, and we are going to develop innovative cool change solutions via air and ocean for them.  We are uniquely positioned to be able to work closely with the needs of our clients and prepare custom plans for each commodity and solve even the most complex of shipping dilemmas. As the leader in cool chain logistics solutions, CFI works hard to implement the best processes and practices.

After spending time with the Vietnamese delegation, learning their needs and listening closely to their concerns, we’re confident that we can offer them the best shipping solutions in our industry. We welcome the challenges that come with these new friendships and look forward to the future communications and meetings that present fresh problems for us to solve. CFI brings decades of problem solving and innovation to the cool chain needs of our clients, both the new ones and the ones we’ve had throughout the years. We encourage everyone to reach out to us and ask the hard questions; present us with your most complicated issues and see which ways we can solve them. You can find solutions with your CFI representative and we look forward to working on them with you.

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