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CFI takes our layered approach to our cool chain technology very seriously. By combining our unparalleled perishable logistics experience and a vast worldwide network of strategic partnerships, our state-of-the-art CoolSkys layered approach, and cutting edge coolant solutions, our dedication to protecting the temperature integrity of your perishable cargo is unmatched in the world.

The challenges that cool chain cargo presents are tarmac heat, water loss, food safety, and the environmental impact of the overpacking used to protect the cargo. The battle against heat is the spearhead of the struggle with chilled cargo, especially in warm temperatures where cargo is waiting to be loaded, sitting in the sun, soaking up infrared light. CoolSkys uses overpacking that acts as a refractor of infrared light, instead of a reflector – meaning it scatters the light back out without absorbing the heat as it allows cool airflow around the material, adding insulation. Because less heat is radiating into the cargo, less water is lost and the shipment retains more moisture than traditional metal bubble foil wraps. Combining CoolSkys overpacking with gel packs and dry ice prolongs the life of the coolant to keep the shipment safer than traditional materials.

CFI Flies in CoolSkys is our layered approach that includes how we route the cargo, which carriers we use, how we continuously monitor temperature-sensitive cargo, and our rapid response in case corrective action is needed for a temperature excursion. CFI even makes sure our unit loading devices are cold to prevent heat transfer into the cargo during the loading process. Our approach combines the world’s largest cool chain network via FreshChain certification with CFI’s singular dedication to focusing on perishable cargo. Your perishable shipments are part of the largest network of cool chain experts available in the world and we put that knowledge to work every day.

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