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Snow is wiping out logistics from the Midwest, Northwest, and Northeast today. While many companies are not reachable, or accessible, we at CFI are ready and open to help our customers and those stranded by other forwarders during this time of slop. Airlines are also delayed and under the same intense pressure to move cargo while the snow is piling up. Truckers are delayed with accidents and road closures as conditions compound the waiting times around the country.

For anyone currently lucky enough to be living in an area not under a mountain of snow, ice, rain or a grayish mixture of all three, it’s getting rough on the roads this winter. Delays that never quite caught up from the last major storm system are being exacerbated as severe weather continues to slow traffic. Even Maui saw snow as several inches fell on Haleakala. Thousands are without power in the Northwest as Winter Storm Nadia threatens to continue dropping snow on the Seattle area. CBS News reports more than 100 million Americans are dealing with these conditions across the country.

CFI works hard to remain vigilant about keeping cargo moving on time to the best of our abilities, but even we have hiccups when acts of nature pile up. For freight forwarders, shippers and carriers, the act of moving cargo, getting it safely to destination is becoming more precarious as it will take all of us being patient with each other to be successful for the next wave of foul weather. Trucks will be slower, deliveries will take more time, and everyone will feel a little pinch while we dig out of this nationwide mess. If you have any specific concern or want to discuss ways we can help your stranded, abandoned or missing cargo, please reach out to your CFI representative. We’re here, trying to help in whatever way we can.

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