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Fresh off a week of exciting shows in Hong Kong, and admittedly half exhausted from jet lag, this week we’re talking about the tone and topics that permeated both Asia Fruitlogistica and the Asia Seafood Expo. The shows were interesting and the basic walk away was, “What is going to happen about this China deal?”

Fruitlogistica Asia and the Asia Seafood Expo both had this very common theme.  Customers all have a common concern about their future business prospects in China. We all anticipate that the current trade war situation will not last forever, but we also share a common view, that it may not be short term.

By having both shows within reach of each other in Hong Kong last week, CFI and K&N were able to meet one on one with not only US exporters, but also Asian consignees and Latin American and Canadian exporters.  The forecast is very favorable for non-USA suppliers into the China market this coming year.  And they are very much aware of this opportunity. The general questions from US exporters were about how we continue to support and fulfill our commitments to Chinese importers so we don’t lose valuable economic ground.

Business is like water, it will flood the path of least resistance.  Canadian and Latin American suppliers are eager to fill any voids that US tariffs may create in the coming year. I think we will see a lot of creative energy spent in the coming months on recreating the logistics wheel when it comes to trade with China.

This trip was enlightening as we learned that it’s not only US suppliers who are watching closely with concerns about the future in regards to the China deal. As such, CFI is here to answer any questions and discuss any worries or situations with you during this time.

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