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As we move toward the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” the weather is turning cooler, the sales are getting louder and we can hear the dulcet tones of holiday tunes piping out from stores and cars. While this is the time of the year we normally talk about the supply chain and the impacts it has on imports and exports with a holiday focus, this year we are full up on stories of disruption in the supply chain. 

We’ve talked about air congestion, ocean disruption, and the truck and rail issues we’re seeing so often that CFI wants to pivot for the week to discuss our gratitude, our team, and how lucky we are to have each other during a challenging logistics time. 

Every year as holidays, events, and milestones come around we try to take a blog post to update our readers to the life and culture here at Commodity Forwarders. This year, we want to call out those important messages that we saw over the last years that, when taken as a whole, show a snapshot of the incredible team we have here. 

Speaking of snapshots, we would like to present the contestants in the annual CFI Halloween Costume Contest. 

When we take a step back, we see the years of food drives, toy donations, breast cancer awareness support, pride support, and the simple acts of kindness and camaraderie we see between our staff occurring every day. Even though the times in our industry are difficult and stressful, coming to work with a caring and attentive team makes a difference in enjoying work and working joyfully. 

It prides us all greatly to see how invested we are in the success and happiness of our team. We talk about a family atmosphere and acknowledge the importance, but it still humbles us to watch it in motion every day. We are grateful for the team we have, the opportunities we receive, and the successes we have shared. In the spirit of the season, Happy Thanksgiving.