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Dear Friends of Alfred,

It’s hard to know where to start with Alfred’s life.  He grew up in war-torn Germany and strongly believed in what was known as the “American Dream.”  Arriving in the United States, knowing very little of the English language and with less than twenty dollars in his pocket, he embarked on a journey that would become the start of his dream and ultimately end as his proud legacy.   

CFI was more than a company to Alfred, it was his extended family.  If you asked him how he accomplished so much, he’d tell you it was because of the people who surrounded him.  Alfred would talk about the people who mentored him, friends in the industry that helped open a door, employees that stepped up to support his dream and somehow fail to take much credit for what it all turned into as he lead the way. Alfred prided himself on bringing a family feel to the company.  Something, over his entire career, he continued to discuss as the company grew into something larger than he could’ve imagined. Alfred always believed there wasn’t anything we couldn’t accomplish if we worked together. He never met a challenge he wasn’t willing to take on and wouldn’t quit or accept failure as an option.

In a truly Alfred fashion he worked until he physically couldn’t any longer because in his mind he still enjoyed overcoming challenges. In the end, his body – not his mind – couldn’t keep up with his CFI spirit.  

As part of his family, it’s hard to always understand the impact Alfred had on people. To us, he was our Dad, and that was special enough. We learned as we grew up and joined his company about how many people he had touched through the years. The heartfelt messages sent from all over the world about Alfred’s passing touched all of us. I don’t think we have any more tears to give although they just keep coming (like the messages). It brings great pride to see how loved he was by so many and the positive impact he’s left behind.     

Thank you from the Kuehlewind Family for all the support you gave him and his family throughout his lifetime. Celebration of life will be held on March 5th in Manhattan Beach, CA

Ryan and Wes