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At CFI, we celebrate Lunar New Year every year! Did you know that it is the longest holiday and most important celebration in Chinese culture? This year, the Year of the Rabbit, we’d like to share some insight on why this holiday has such a big impact on the global supply chain.

This traditional festival marks the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, and usually falls between late January and mid-February. Many cultures around the world celebrate this holiday, not just those with Chinese heritage. It is an occasion for families to come together, exchange gifts, clean their homes and welcome spring.

The impacts of this holiday on the global supply chain are significant because China is one of the world’s most important trading partners. In preparation for the holiday, Chinese manufacturers scale back operations to give workers time off and prepare for family celebrations, finally shutting down for a full two weeks in observance. This creates a disruption in both global trade and the logistics industry, resulting in increased transportation costs, longer delivery times, and supply chain delays if not planned correctly.

Because carriers will use blanked sailings to avoid ports that are closed for the holiday, pivoting cargo to air freight will be the best solution for perishables in the first quarter. As blanked sailings add a ripple effect of delay, keeping cargo in the skies avoids the Lunar New Year traffic that causes loss and spoilage. 

At CFI, we strive to help our shippers and consignees plan ahead to mitigate the impacts of this holiday. Our team of logistics experts can help you anticipate possible delays, manage transportation costs, and ensure that your perishables shipments arrive on time.

We wish you a happy Lunar New Year! May the Year of the Rabbit be filled with joy, peace and good fortune for everyone in your family. Contact your CFI representative to learn more about our cool chain services this season. 


Gōng xǐ fā cái

Gong Hei Fa Choi

Wishing you wealth and prosperity in the New Year!!