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This is the season when we start to get reflective of the year past, and thoughtful of the year to come. Many people are under a lot a stress at the holiday time both at home and at work. So this week’s blog post gives us a chance to ask our customers to remember to slow down and enjoy the holiday season for what it is all about. It’s the perfect time of year to give thanks for our families and our friends. Let us be thankful that our worst fears for 2018 were not as bad as we thought last year. Here at CFI, we’re especially thankful for our new relationship with Kuehne and Nagel, and the strong relationships we’ve built with our customers and among ourselves, as the CFI team.

The holiday season can be difficult in myriad ways. Travel is congested, whether it’s personal travel home to see family and friends or cargo traveling around the world during the busiest time of the year. At Christmas time and year-end, freight traffic can be delayed or hampered by all the holiday travel we all do to get home for the celebrations. We’re all working hard to ensure your cargo isn’t impacted, but we ask that our customers be mindful to plan ahead as much as possible and be patient while we try to be your promise keepers.

We have big plans for the coming new year and hope it greets all of our readers warmly. It’s been a great experience bringing you news and information through this blog and we’re looking forward to showcasing more of our specialties, more stories about our team and more news to help guide your commodity shipments in the new year!

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