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Maybe it’s all the candy we shipped in October, but sometimes the seriousness of our business needs to take a brief backseat to some team-building around the office. It felt like an eternity earlier this year as major sports were canceled, teams got sick and arenas were emptied for sports and entertainment, so when football season was able to open up safely, CFI got excited. Sports shirt Friday, or SSF around these parts, started so that our team could show off their favorite teams.

Football was the overwhelming sport represented as we had Seahawks, 49ers, Patriots, Steelers, Eagles, Rams, Cowboys and Saints in attendance along with a dedicated group of basketball fans paying homage to the great #24 Kobe Bryant!

There’s been coverage in our blog about the work we’ve done this year as a community to improve the health and safety of our employees, including mental health support events and an increase in our sponsored events where everyone can come together outside the office. What we’ve learned is that there’s always room for improvement in the work place and in the way the work place responds to the worker. We didn’t realize how fulfilling a year of building friendships among teammates would end up being. During the most difficult year many of us have ever experienced it’s been a year of growth and partnership in the CFI community.

We’re grateful we’ve had a chance to step back and celebrate on our Sport Shirt Fridays. When we’re all working together, no matter the emblem on the chest, we are an unbeatable team!

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